St. Louis Attractions

The residents of St. Louis enjoy a blend of continental and subtropical climate with four distinct seasons of which winter is the driest season which heralds snowfalls and roses and spring is the rainy season when the city is sometimes subjected to thundering and destructive tornadoes. Since the topography of the region indicates the absence of mountain ranges and water bodies, the area sustains the cold arctic air as well as the hot and humid tropical winds.

Top 10 best tourist places in Saint Louis

Saint Louis is the prodigious city of Missouri located on the western bank of Mississippi River. This vibrant city is loaded with vast excursion areas of both indoor and outdoor…

Historic Sappington House Museum

Historic Sappington House Museum in Crestwood, Missouri was built by slaves in 1808 it is now on the National Historic Register. This house is the oldest brick home in the…

Campbell House Museum

Campbell House Museum – St. Louis, Missouri One of the most accurately restored 19th Century buildings in America, reflecting the high-Victorian opulence of the 1880s. The Campbell House Museum is…

St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum The Cardinals Hall of Fame is the official repository for more than 100 years of baseball history in St. Louis, presenting history through…

Saint Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum The Saint Louis Art Museum is one of the leading art museums in the country. With an average of more than 550,000 visitors each year, the…

Missouri Civil War Museum

History lives on at the Missouri Civil War Museum (MCWM). From Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman to Jesse James and “Bloody” Bill Anderson, Missouri’s unique and colorful Civil…

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tours

St. Louis Brewery is America’s Largest Beer Maker The famous brewing factory offers daily tours that focus on the storied heritage of the company, the unique architecture of the brewery…

Grant’s Farm in St. Louis, Missouri

Family-Friendly Attraction with Ties to a Beer Giant Grant’s Farm is a popular family attraction in St. Louis with ties to President Grant and brewing giant Anheuser-Busch. Grant’s Farm was…

St. Louis Zoo is free for Families

Best Kid-Friendly Attraction in St. Louis, Missouri is Free Visitors to St. Louis may be surprised at how friendly the city is for families on a budget. One of its…

St. Louis Fire Department Museum

The St. Louis Fire Department Museum houses several interesting exhibits including: A collection of fire-related items such as fire helmets and glass hand grenade fire extinguishers. A collection of toy…

St Louis Science Center

Saint Louis Science Center The Saint Louis Science Center offers more than 700 exhibits and special on-site activities. The Science Center is a three-building complex (the main building, the Exploradome…

City Museum in St Louis

St. Louis City Museum The City Museum is truly a one-of-kind attraction and to someone who’s never been there, it’s difficult to describe this wacky place.  The Museum is a…

Due to its contradictory but mild climate, most of the tourist attractions remain operational throughout the year making it feasible for tourists to visit St. Louis anytime during the year. Since the city boasts of a large number of tourist attractions, the tourist spots are classified according to the areas in which they are located to provide a more comprehensive guide to someone visiting St. Louis for the first time. The classification of attractions is as follows:

Downtown Area Attractions

The main attraction in this area is the Gateway Arch which is 630 feet high and is flanked by the Museum of Westward Expansion, which is located underground and provides details about the Arch. In Aloe Plaza, one can behold a majestic fountain titled ‘The Meeting of the Rivers’ which was carved by Carl Milles in 1939-1940. Besides these, there are many museums and cathedrals which highlight the history and culture of the city through vivid and colorful exhibitions and displays and enlighten one about the multiracial origins of the city. The Busch Memorial Stadium is an important venue for sports lovers because it holds all the major sporting events in the city ranging from football matches to monster truck racing.

Gateway Arch-Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is sited at St Louis Riverfront, St Louis, Missouri. It is the highest manmade monument in the United States. You can find this attractive and majestic site with over four million visitors each year. You are able to take a ride to the peak and have an unbelievable view of St Louis and its river.

The Botanical Garden Area

Although this area comprises of libraries, churches, and reputed educational institutions, there are many tourist attractions as well, the most interesting and unique being the Cherokee Street Hispanic District. As the name suggests, the dominant population in this area is that of people of Hispanic origin who earn their living through retail stores and revive the memories of their culture through the annual festival held on Cinco de Mayo. The area gets its name from the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Tower Grove Park, both of which are a treat for eco-friendly tourists.

Midtown and Grand Center Area Attractions

This area is the cultural center of the city as most of the institutions relating to music, art, education, history, and religion are located here. The Grand Center area is also home to famous entertainment organizations like The Fox Associates and the Powell Symphony Hall. Some noteworthy venues for tourists are The Earth Ways Home, The Grandel Theatre, and Jazz at the Bistro for music lovers.

Missouri History Museum (Missouri Historical Society) is situated at Forest Park, St Louis, Missouri. This Missouri Museum of History presents history by memorabilia, photographs, and first-person portraits, narratives. There are displaying the features of the city’s function in westward development and a model of the spirit of Charles Lindbergh’s. There is no admission fee.

North Side Area Attractions

A unique attraction in this area is the Bissell Mansion which is the oldest house in the city and is now converted into a dinner theatre with a breathtaking view of the river. The Crown Candy Kitchen is famous for ice creams, candy, and sandwiches and the Columbia Brewery is an ancient brewery that has been converted into housing apartments for people. The historic Hyde Park and The Shrine of St. Joseph are a constant source of intrigue to the visitors, especially the latter because of the miraculous happening associated with it.

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is situated at Lindell Boulevard, Newstead Avenue, St Louis, Missouri. The world’s biggest assortment of mosaic art can be found in the Cathedral houses, which was formed by 10 artists across 75 years. You will find the museum absolutely spectacular, the collection is impressive and worth having a visit.

South Side Area Attractions

The famous Anheuser-Busch brewery, which manufactures Budweiser lager, is located in this area. Apart from a number of schools, parks, and religious institutions, this area boasts of an antique shop named Cherokee, which also runs a recreational center of the same name. A unique attraction of this area is the Flower Row in which one is not only awed by the number of florist shops but also the extent of commercial cultivation of flowers.

American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is situated at 1721 S. Mason Rd. You are able to see some interesting fine arts in this museum that is devoted to dogs. It contains some amazing displays along with paintings and relics by artists of all ages. A library and a gift shop are also available for visitors.

The Butterfly House situates at Faust Park, 15193 Olive Blvd. It’s another top educational and cultural spot in St Louis. You can see thousands of gorgeous butterflies here flying around liberally. The admission fee of Butterfly House is $6 for matures and remains open Tuesday to Sunday.

St. Louis Artists’ Guild can be found at 1920s mansion inside the Oak Knoll Park located at Clayton and is promoting the visual sculptures in St Loius from 1886. The museum has regional and national exhibitions; classes and workshops; programs and art talks too.