Grant’s Farm in St. Louis, Missouri

Family-Friendly Attraction with Ties to a Beer Giant

Grant’s Farm is a popular family attraction in St. Louis with ties to President Grant and brewing giant Anheuser-Busch.

Grant’s Farm was once the homestead of President Ulysses S. Grant, who hand-built a log cabin on the property. The Busch family (of Anheuser-Busch InBev) bought the property in 1903 for their country estate. In the 1950s the Busch family invited guests to their estate, who enjoyed the property so much that the family decided to open it to the public in 1954.

Free Admission to Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm only charges for parking, not for per person admission. In 2009 parking is $11 per car. Athletic visitors can get in free by using Grant’s Trail, which runs alongside the farm and horse pastures. The Farm offers free bike parking for trail riders.

Visit the famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales, located at the rear of the parking lot first. The farm is part of the breeding and training grounds for the A-B hitch, and visitors may see hitch horses on break from parades and touring. There are usually plenty of mama Clydesdales and babies to visit as well.

The farm offers professional photos with a Clydesdale for $10.

Grant’s Farm Deer Park

After seeing the horses, visitors cross a covered footbridge into the farm proper. Visitors can either check out the main gift shop or catch a tram from Grant’s Station, which takes people on a tour of the Deer Park. The Deer Park takes up much of the Farm’s 281 acres and is home to more than 1000 animals. Various cattle, deer, antelope, horses, and a few zebras roam freely through the park.

The tram ride passes by President Grant’s actual log cabin, which he built by hand. Unfortunately, as the tram tour guide tells it, Grant’s wife Julia didn’t like the rustic cabin and they quickly moved.

The tram rides end at the Tier Garten – German for Animal Garden. There are more animals to see here, including the locally famous pigmy goats. Milk is sold at $1 a bottle to feed to the hungry goats. The Farm has a carousel ($2 for a ticket) and a free animal show that features performing birds and small animals. There is also an elephant show with Buddy and Mick, a couple of African elephants. Visitors can also stop by the camels and lamas and feed them for 50 cents per handful of grain.

The Bauernhof Courtyard

The Bauernhof building was once part of the Busch family estate, but now holds a beer garden, stable, and a collection of antique carriages.

Visitors who are over 21 can sample two free beers from the hospitality room. Soft drinks, snacks, frozen treats, and brats are sold at a snack bar and from kiosks around the courtyard. Bring cash because the snack bar doesn’t accept debit or credit cards. There is, however, an ATM in the gift shop.

Grant’s Farms offers family fun for all ages and is especially good for a cheap afternoon out. Free beer sampling is an extra perk that makes the park even more enjoyable for many parents.

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