Top 10 best tourist places in Saint Louis

Saint Louis is the prodigious city of Missouri located on the western bank of Mississippi River. This vibrant city is loaded with vast excursion areas of both indoor and outdoor type. Extraordinary Forest Park and iconic Gateway Arch are most popular tourist’s destinations in the city. It has numerous science, art and history museums as well as many beautiful family parks. Kids are also entertained in the Saint Louis especially because there is much fun waiting for them. Many remarkable attractions are waiting in Saint Louis for travelers some of them are outlined here.

10) Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch of Saint Louis is an engineering marvel is 630 feet tall. This is world’s tallest stainless steel arch and especially dedicated to the people of America. It is visible anywhere from the city as it is the tallest man-made monument so it is the most famous destination of Saint Louis. The observation area on the top of Gateway Arch will leave you amazed with absolutely fantastic aerial views of city and Mississippi River. Tourists can visit the Visitor Center and the Museum of Westward Expansion under the Arch.

9) Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden is a mesmerizing group of conservatories where you can explore nature in a different way. This fantasy world is spread over 79 acres having beautiful landscapes, greenhouses and green gardens. An exotic collection of plants, trees, flowers, orchids and tropical birds make this garden a must visiting place of Saint Louis. Kids also enjoy here as there is an educational and interactive children’s Garden is located here. Don’t forget o experience the real rainforest and outstaying waterfall in Climatron. Other striking attractions include limestone cave, steamboat, and Treehouse.

8) City Museum

The City Museum is a paradise for kids in Saint Louis having too much to see and learn. This unique museum has many spooky caves, climbing walls, and slides. It has giant aquarium loaded with 10,000 sea creatures. The interesting thing about this sumptuous world is created by engineers with the used industrial objects. The toddler town, participatory circus and architectural museum are the amazing exhibits of City Museum. The impressive architecture of the building is the rooftop Cantina where you can have the eye-catching views of the city.

7) Grant’s Farm

The extensive and historic Grant’s Farm is pervading on almost 300 acres. This farm was settled in 1854 by Ulysses S. Grant who was Civil War General. After he left, it was transferred to Busch Family and still belonged to them. The informative film is shown to the visitors which tell the story of this historical gem. A wide range of animals of both domestic and wild-type are living in the lush green farmhouse. There are often exciting animals’ shows and pet shows held, enjoyed by locals and tourists.

6) Carondelet Park

Third largest park of Saint Louis is Carondelet Park that sits on 180 acres. This charming park was established in 1875 so it has historic value also. The Carondelet Park is full of amenities and outdoor activities. Two lakes are part of this recreation area so fishing is enjoyed by most of the visitors here. For sports lovers’ tennis courts, softball, baseball and soccer fields are available. Family gatherings are enjoyed here as well maintained and clean picnic areas are developed here. Elegant walking and bicycling paths are also open for public.

5) Saint Louis Zoo

In the Forest Park of Saint Louis, the Saint Louis Zoo exists. This zoological park is home to a wide assortment of 6,600 animals. As it is one of the leading zoos of America so it remains crowded with a number of people of all ages. There is guided railroad tour of the zoo which takes visitors around the most famous spots in the zoo. Caribbean Cove and many creatures of pet and wild types grab the attention of children as well as adult visitors. The Saint Louis Zoo has 15 major exhibits including Big Cat Country, Penguin and Puffin Coast.

4) Saint Louis Art Museum

This amazing art museum is one of the best free attractions of Saint Louis. It has a huge collection of elegant paintings, sculptures, and historic artifacts. The Saint Louis Museum has three floors and located in historic Park of the city. Its art collection is ranging across the centuries so history nerds wander here hours and hours. It consists of 30,000 artworks which are divided into eleven areas from antique pieces to most modern work. Kid’s interactive tours and free lectures are also organized by the Saint Louis Art Museum.

3) The Magic House

The Magic House is an extravagant children’s museum of Saint Louis that is located in the Victorian home. This three floored institution is full of fun, education and learning opportunities for enthusiast’s youngsters. More than 100 interactive activities for kids make this trip magnificent for the family. 3D impressions wall, Bubble room, courtroom, oval office and legislative chamber engage children in their creative and imaginative plays. Here children learn about science, history, and art through hands-on exhibitions. Themed birthday parties can also be arranged here for the kids to make a memorable event.

2) Missouri History Museum

Missouri History Museum is preserving the history of Missouri and Saint Louis. This museum was founded in 1886 so it has plenty of collection of national and local heritage. It has secured the treasures of Saint Louis through exhibitions and galleries. Louisiana Purchase, 1904 World’s Fair’s artifacts, and the Olympics are the famous parts of the museum. This fabulous museum entertains its visitors as they discover the stories from the past. The museum has a library and research center and it offers many educational programs to the community.

1) Tower Grove Park

The lively and lovely Tower Grove Park is the hidden gem of Saint Louis. It covers 289 acres having adorable landscapes and divine views of nature. Its 2.5 miles of calm walking trails and shady areas invite runners and joggers. This is a superb family amusement park having magnificent picnic points. Many pretty flowers, plants and various types of trees enhance the beauty of Tower Grove Park. The central corridor of the park is festooned with famous sculptures of Shakespeare and Christopher Columbus. Many events held here including private wedding ceremonies and parties.

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