St. Louis Restaurants

The culture of the city has a direct impact on the eating joints existing in the city, as food is directly linked to the very basis of our existence and reflects on our civilization. St. Louis, being a cosmopolitan city and a cultural hub, reflects its multiracial ties in the form of a large variety of cuisines which it offers to its visitors.

Some of the well-known restaurants of St. Louis are listed as follows:

Tony’s is the restaurant that is at the top of the list of restaurants in St. Louis due to the excellent service it provides to its guests to compliment the delicious food and an exquisite wine list. It is to the credit of the hardworking and meticulous staff that this restaurant has a venerable reputation not only in America but all over the world and although it is closed on Sundays, it still manages to provide its guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

The Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn is an ancestral property of the Pointer family which was converted into a hotel in 1975. The restaurant maintains its uniqueness through the old classical style decor and ambiance and apart from the elaborate menu and personalized service it offers new activities like ghost hunting to its guests, which accentuates its historical image.

The Blueberry Hill Restaurant is located in The Loop and combines food with music, fun, and games. The music is provided by St. Louis live bands and often features the rock n’ roll legend, Chuck Berry. The restaurant serves a wide range of food items from homemade soups and salads to vegetarian side dishes and while waiting for their order to arrive, the diners can engage themselves in games like pinball, darts, and a plethora of video games.

The Pho Grand Restaurant is a specialty restaurant offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine to its diners. The restaurant bears a typical oriental spiritual appeal and its decor emphasizes its eastern theme.

The Kemoll Italian Restaurant is owned and run by the Kemoll-Cusumano family since 1927 and is located on the fortieth floor of the Metropolitan Square building. The service at the restaurant is reminiscent of typical Italian hospitality and eye for detail and its wonderful location affords one a magnificent view of the Gateway Arch and the St. Louis city below.

Another remarkable Italian restaurant is Charlie Gitto’s and although its menu is more cognizant of fast food eating joints, it offers elaborate Italian meals accompanied by the appropriate wines in all its outlets.

An American Place is a restaurant managed by Larry Forgione, who is a world-renowned chef and an ardent patron of Native American cuisine. This is reflected in the menu offered by the restaurant as it consists of old and traditional dishes that are flavored with fresh and rich native ingredients instead of junk food and fast food which is the order of the day. The restaurant boasts of fish and shellfish picked up from American coasts, pork, beef, lamb, and venison from the forests and bread and traditional American desserts which seem to have been forgotten in a rush for modernization.

Hodak’s Restaurant is famous for its chicken preparations since 1962 and has also had the honor of serving the best chicken in St. Louis since 1991. Due to repeated renovations, the original decor of Hodak’s is barely visible but one aspect untouched by the renovation is the dedication and style of preparing mouth-watering chicken.

Niche Restaurant in St. Louis is managed by Chef Gerard Ford Craft who believes in preserving the natural flavors of the ingredients so that the food served retains its fresh and true flavor in spite of being cooked.

Annie Gunn’s serves American fare in a rustic setting. It serves prime steaks, such as its classic Ribeye (16 ounces) with Cabernet Cracked Pepper Butter, but it known for a variety of dishes including its carpaccio. It has a large and excellent wine list. Located on Chesterfield Airport Road, in Chesterfield. Sit Enjoy your meal outside on Annie Gunn’s lovely patio, or order a drink and sit in the bar, but be sure to make a reservation because this place is usually crowded, particularly on the weekends.

The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery is located in historic Kimmswick, Missouri. When you step through the door, the sweet aroma of fresh homemade baked pies, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries & candies will make you will think you have died and gone to heaven. It is a cozy and charming place, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. They serve an excellent breakfast and a country-style lunch and, of course, plenty of delightful sweets or desserts.

Al’s Restaurant, at First and Biddle Streets, is nestled just north of the Gateway Arch, Laclede’s Landing, casinos, and beautiful hotels. Owned and operated by three generations of one St. Louis family, Al’s is famous for its generous portions and award-winning steaks and seafood.

Blueberry Hill is a landmark restaurant and music club filled with pop culture memorabilia. It is located in The Loop along the St. Louis Walk of Fame near the Moonrise Hotel. Its menu has something for everyone, including its famous hamburgers, jerk chicken, trout almondine, and vegetarian specials.