St Louis Science Center

Saint Louis Science Center

The Saint Louis Science Center offers more than 700 exhibits and special on-site activities. The Science Center is a three-building complex (the main building, the Exploradome and the James S. McDonnell Planetarium) with more than 700 hands-on exhibits. In the Science Center galleries you can:

  • Visit a life-sized animated Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops in the Ecology and Environment Galleries
  • Unravel the mysteries of genetics in DNA Zone®
  • Climb in a giant kaleidoscope in the Human Adventure Galleries
  • Play a laser harp or create a “virtual fish” in Cyberville
  • Explore the science of engineering in Structures
  • Cross over the interstate and watch the cars go by on the Bridge
  • Visit the new Flight! Gallery in the tunnel between the main building and the Planetarium
  • Enjoy innovative, live Amazing Science presentations

It seems like winter will never end, with even more snow and rain hitting the Midwest the last couple of days.  I am starting to get cabin fever, and have been looking for something to do that reminds me of what warm weather feels like.  And I think I’ve found it – the St Louis Science Center IMAX is currently showing “Under the Sea” and “Ultimate Wave Tahiti” is starting in two weeks. Both are in IMAX 3D and will make you feel as if you are really there!  “Under the Sea” will transport you to exotic undersea locations and give you a close-up of some amazing sea creatures.  And, it’s narrated by Jim Carrey, which is sure to make it fun! “Ultimate Wave Tahiti” features pro-surfer Kelly Slater looking for the best waves and exploring the history of Tahiti and the marine life around the island. Watching either of these movies is sure to make you feel like you’re in the tropics, at least for a little while! Click here for Omnimax showtimes and pricing information.

St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis Science Center

And, while you’re at the Science Center, there are a ton of other amazing exhibits to check out. The largest Dinosaur exhibition ever hosted in St. Louis is currently at the Science Center and includes life-like sculptures, actual fossils, animatronic dinosaur models, life-size skeletons, and more.  But, this exhibit only runs through March 12, 2010, so if you’re interested, you will need to get there in the next couple of weeks.

But, even if you miss the Dinosaurs Unearthed Tour, there is always a life-sized, animated T. Rex and Triceratops on display. And, there are so many other interactive displays that kids and adults will love.  For example, your kids can explore hands-on science experiments in the Discovery Room or check out the two-story Planetarium and see what it’s like to work in a space station or gaze at over 9,000 stars.  Or you can build your own webpage in Cyberville, discover the wonders of flight, build a foam replica of the Arch, and so much more.  Check out the St. Louis Science Center webpage for more info on pricing, hours, and directions.

The Space Show: Eclipse – Shrouded Sun, Veiled Moon

The Earth, Moon and Sun are in a constant ballet in space. This dance results in the interplay of light and shadow which occasionally can be seen from your location on Earth as a Solar or Lunar eclipse. What is the difference between these two types of eclipses and what conditions make these possible? Find out in this show!

Price: $5.00 Adult; $4.00 Child/senior/school group

First Tuesdays Free. The first Tuesday afternoon of the month (1:30pm – 4:30pm) is free to tour the Boeing Space Station exhibit galleries. No star shows will be presented during these times.

OMNIMAX® Theater

The OMNIMAX® Theater is an experience like no other! Sit under a four-story screen while taking in breathtaking, awe-inspiring scenery in a state-of-the-art wrap-around, domed theater. Sit back, relax and let sight and sound take over as images come leaping toward and around you, while the 15,000-watt sound system tricks you into believing you’re really there. The OMNIMAX Theatre offers the Rear Window® open-captioning service for all films and at all showtimes. Experience BJC SportsWorks, one of the coolest interactive sports and fitness exhibitions in the world at the Saint Louis Science Center.

Baseball Pitch

Want to know what it’s like to pitch for the Major Leagues? Here’s your chance! At the regulation distance of 60 feet, 6 inches from home plate, you’ll get to throw a baseball and record the speed of your fastpitch. Think you’re pretty speedy? Take your pick-race against Jackie Joyner Kersee, a cheetah or a Tyrannosaurus rex. Make sure you record your personal best.


Rowing is one of the best sports for all-around body conditioning. Race against a friend and record how fast you can make it to the finish!

Make up your roller coaster experience on the fly! No engineering experience necessary — just take a ride on the G-force bike. How many Gs can you pull?

Screening Room

Want to learn more about your personal health? BJC HealthCare practitioners and advisors offer scheduled health screenings, medical and nutrition information. Enter the competitive world of sport chair athletics. Race against a friend on a sports chair, and keep track of your personal scores.

Climbing Wall

Test your strength, balance, and endurance vertically! This 35 ft high wall allows eight persons to climb simultaneously. Scale the wall with the help of safety equipment, ropes and climbing tips from our staff.

Walking is a complicated business! What everyone takes for granted is possible only through the coordinated movements of the feet, legs and even arms. Here’s your chance to discover your unique walking style.

Land Like a Cat

Did you know that landing gently and gracefully takes great strength and control and that our bones are great shock absorbers? Test your landing skills and learn about forces of impact at this exhibit. It’s your turn to be a judge at the Olympics for figure skating, gymnastics, synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and diving. Learn to spot the subtleties of these sports.

The Supermarket

Are you a smart shopper? Do you make wise decisions about the foods you buy? The supermarket has lots of advice to help you make healthful food choices.

Experiment with balance! Learn how to use your body in dynamic balancing, and discover why your middle ear is so important.

Get in the Game

Using green screen technology, play virtual basketball, hockey, soccer, and volleyball with the pros.

What are our bones for, and what do they look like inside our bodies?

Little Fit and Fun

Get active, stay active. Little tots have boundless energy! Encourage kids to stay active daily in our gym that’s made just for them.

Free live demonstrations daily on healthy foods, eating wisely, and sports nutrition.

Balance Timer

How long can you go without tipping? Get your body, eyes, and inner ears to work in unison. Can you set a record time for balancing?

Dance to your health on this popular arcade game. Hailed by researchers and health practitioners for helping improve cardiovascular health as well as eye-foot coordination, DDR is sure to give you a challenging and enjoyable aerobic workout!

All of this and more is available for you while you visit the Saint Louis Science Center. When you are making your travel plans, be sure to keep this on your “to do list”.

Science Center amenities

The St. Louis Science Center aims to teach tourists and St. Louis visitors alike about the wonders of science, at no charge for general admission. Some Science Center amenities that you can enjoy here are Body Worlds 3 (where you can get to learn more about the human body and its functions); the OMNIMAX Theatre; overnight stays by camping at the St. Louis Science Center for children and their adult companions; and The Space Show Planetarium services. If these Science Center amenities don’t appeal to you, well, fortunately, the St. Louis Science Center has other Science Center amenities that might appeal to you such as the interactive exhibits of The Discovery Room. The St. Louis Science Center is supported by many private and public organizations.

Science Center partners

The St. Louis Science Center has many Science Center partners supporting its efforts to propagate love for learning science and technology nowadays. For instance, members of the St. Louis public can act as Corporate Partners by donating at least $1000 per year to the St. Louis Science Center (or more if they are so inclined.) You can also join the Albert Einstein Society with a donation of $1000 and participate in the St. Louis Science Center activities. The Newton Society and the Galileo Society are other Science Center partners to which you can donate, and support St. Louis Science Center activities in the process. A Newton Society donation ranges from $500 to $999 while a Galileo Society donation is in the $250 to $499 range.

Saint Louis Science Center
5050 Oakland Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

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