St Louis Busch Stadium

It’s baseball season now, so it’s only fitting to write about Busch Stadium. I’m biased, of course, but I believe the St Louis Cardinals are the best team in baseball and that everyone should check out a game while visiting St Louis!

Busch Stadium in St Louis

Over the years, there have been three Busch Stadiums in St. Louis. The first stadium was Sportsman’s Park but was purchased by the Busch family and renamed to Busch Stadium. The brewery initially wanted to name the park Budweiser Stadium, but the National League President didn’t want to name the stadium after a beer. So, it was named Busch Stadium instead. But, once the Cardinals opened the season in 1954, Anheuser Busch immediately came out with “Busch Bavarian Beer”! The second Busch Stadium officially opened on May 12, 1966, in downtown St Louis. The newest Busch Stadium opened in April 2006. From the seats in the new stadium, fans have an amazing view of the downtown skyline and the Arch.

View the schedule to find out game times and dates and to purchase tickets. Kids 15 years old or younger can get tickets for $7 – $9 for certain seating sections. Kids 3 years old or younger are free if they sit on parents’ laps.

Check out the schedule for special events at the Stadium as well. Fireworks night and Kids Opening Weekend are both coming up next weekend (April 16th for the fireworks and April 16th and 17th for Kids Opening Weekend). Or go to any Friday night home game for music, prizes, and players signing autographs starting a couple of hours before the game.

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