Bluewater Lake Near Joplin, Missouri

Captain John’s Offers Diving & Swimming Near Joplin, Missouri

Scuba lessons, dives, and swimming in the turquoise waters of a former quarry delight visitors to Captain John’s Sports and Scuba in Oronogo, Missouri.

Captain John’s, a family-owned business, has offered scuba lessons and diving for decades. Bluewater Lake, the diving pit, began as a lead and zinc mine. As the company’s website explains, the mine began to fill with rainwater in the 1950s, after mining was abandoned in the area. Today, Bluewater Lake contains various caves and old mining roads ripe for underwater exploration.

Swimming, Scuba Diving at Bluewater Lake Near Joplin, Missouri

Captain John’s offers diving and swimming for visitors in Bluewater Lake’s clear, turquoise waters. Cliffs speckled with trees and layers of rocks surround the water for a scenic swim, and hills and roads of former mines provide trails for the adventurous scuba diver below the water’s surface.

The water itself is a deep turquoise, startlingly beautiful against the Missouri sky. Though rocky cliffs deter lounging around the banks, a picnic site and various rock ledges offer space for a lawn chair or blanket. RV and camping accommodations are also available on site.

Captain John’s in Oronogo, Missouri is minutes from Joplin, a mid-sized city in the southwestern corner of Missouri. Joplin rests within the Ozarks, a region known throughout the United States for its scenic hillsides, serpentine rivers, and startling natural beauty.

Joplin is right off of Interstate 44, between St. Louis, Missouri, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Joplin also offers a regional airport for visitors traveling by plane in addition to various hotels and restaurants.

Diving Lessons at Captain John’s in Oronogo, Missouri

Scuba divers, as well as beginners eager to dive, are welcome at Captain John’s. A PADI scuba training facility, the company trains beginners, scuba instructors, and everyone in between.

The center’s pool and classroom are up the hill from the diving site. Classes are held all year round, and a schedule of upcoming courses is available online for divers eager to expand their knowledge as they explore Bluewater Lake.

Open Water, Tech Diving, Free Diving Popular at Bluewater Lake

Bluewater Lake’s underwater terrain makes it suitable for various types of diving. Open water diving, tech diving, and free diving are all popular.

Fourteen acres of deep, clear water invites open water divers of all experience levels to explore. Various platforms and trails throughout the quarry make diving easy and fun.

Tech divers enjoy sharpening their skills in the quarry’s many underground mines. Over 200 feet of water and various nooks create a series of adventures. Experienced teams of tech divers have even found an abandoned train lost deep within the mine long before the quarry was filled with water.

Freediving is also popular. The depths of the former mine, up to 230 feet, offer some of the deepest dives in the Midwestern United States.

Captain John’s Sports and Scuba of Oronogo, Missouri offers easy assess to city luxuries as well as challenging diving for divers of all skill levels and interests in the Midwestern United States.

For another outdoor adventure in Joplin, Joplin’s Audobon Center: Wildcat Glades Offers Free Family Outdoor Fun may be of interest.

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