Top Art Schools in Missouri

Missouri’s Top Four Art Universities

Thinking about studying fine art? Learn what Missouri and its four most recognized art schools have to offer young and upcoming artists.

Missouri is the home of many treasures that will surely inspire young and upcoming artists of any kind. Starting in St. Louis, it is possible to find historical landmarks such as the St. Louis Botanical Gardens and The Gateway Arch. Continuing to Kansas City, there are several world-class, admission-free, museums; including The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Moreover, Kansas City is the home of hundreds of smaller art galleries, many of which can be found in the Crossroads Arts District.

If all of this does not inspire, one can always visit Bennet Spring State Park or Ha Ha Tonka State Park, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy Missouri’s beautiful and scenic nature. Make sure to bring a pencil and paper, a camera, or the preferred tool, as this might be where the next masterpiece is captured.

The top four art schools in Missouri are the University of Missouri in Columbia, Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, and Fontbonne University plus Washington University in St. Louis.

University of Missouri in Columbia

The University of Missouri in Columbia (MU) prides itself on being one of the 34 public schools that are members of the Association of American Universities, an association of leading research universities in North America. According to a peer survey conducted by the U.S. News in 2008, MU’s fine arts program in Columbus is ranked as the 134th best in the United States. MU is the only Missouri-based school in this particular ranking.

Kansas City Art Institute

Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) boasts of being an independent art school and having a history, dating back to 1885. Moreover, KCAI has had several famous students such as Walt Disney, Thomas Hart Benton, Robert Rauschenberg, and Robert Morris. Finally, KCAI is a member of AICAD, a consortium of the finest art schools in the united states.

Fontbonne University

Fontbonne University puts its emphasis on a practical approach to learning and has several professional artists teaching its students. Moreover, Fontbonne offers its students a new modern location, including an art gallery and studio.

Washington University of Saint Louis

Washington University of Saint Louis is the home of Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts (SFS). SFS is a metropolitan school and boasts of being the first art school in the united states to be affiliated with a university, in 1879. Moreover, it houses the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, which has a distinct collection of 19th, 20th, and 21st-century art.

Art School and its Opportunities

While each of the above mentioned schools offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), SFS offers its BFA within six distinct majors. KCAI covers thirteen major areas, including ceramics, fiber, art history, and painting. A Master of Fine Arts is offered by MU, Fontbonne, and SFS. A BFA is required before studying for an MFA.

According to the schools’ websites, a handful of those with a Bachelors of Fine Arts continues to become prominent figures in the world of visual art, while many grow to become art teachers in elementary and middle school. Those holding a Masters of Arts usually find good jobs as teachers at the college-level or interesting positions within the art industry.

Hence, studying fine art in the great state of Missouri does not just represent an opportunity to work on your drawing, painting, or other creative skills in and next door to truly inspiring surroundings, it also creates a solid foundation for a future professional career.

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